How to Prioritize Your Marriage Over Technology. S2E1

How to Prioritize Your Marriage Over Technology. S2E1

In this episode of Church Unscripted, Pastor David and Pastor John engaged in an unscripted conversation about the impact of social media on marriages. They discuss the potential pitfalls of excessive screen time within relationships and highlighted the importance of setting aside intentional time for communication. With faith as their guide, they explored the struggles and opportunities that technology brings to families and offered practical insights on how to navigate these challenges.

The new series, "In the Ring," will focus on marriage, exploring the concept of couples fighting against outside forces. Through the lens of faith, we'll address the dynamics of modern relationships, the rise of nontraditional families and blended families, and the need for Jesus-centered homes in diverse family structures.


1. Do you believe that the portrayal of "perfect" lives on social media creates unrealistic expectations for relationships? How do you think this affects marriages?

2. In what ways can couples ensure they are prioritizing quality time and communication within their marriage, especially amidst the distractions of technology?

3. How can nontraditional and blended families work towards creating Jesus-centered homes, as emphasized in the episode?

4. The episode touches on the challenges of pursuing a Jesus-centered culture within a family, especially when faced with resistance from certain family members. How do you think individuals can navigate this?

5. What are your thoughts on long-suffering relationships and marriages and the encouragement to not give up, even in the face of challenges like abuse and infidelity?

6. The importance of date nights and meaningful conversations in marriage is highlighted in the episode. What do you think are some practical ways for couples to ensure they are engaging in open and honest dialogue?

7. Do you agree with the emphasis on being intentional and present in marriage despite the distractions of modern life? How can couples work towards prioritizing their relationship over other commitments?

8. What creative strategies can couples employ to enhance communication and connection within their marriage, as suggested in the episode?